Can a septic tank leak?

Can a septic tank leak?

Septic tanks do leak and it is very easy to notice when there is a leakage in this equipment. Therefore, you need regular maintenance to make sure that you correct such instances early enough. In some cases, you don’t even need professionals to tell you that your septic tank is leaking. There are some sights that are a clear indication of these occurrences. If septic tank leakage is not corrected in a good time, it will lead to bigger and more costly repair works.

The biggest undoing is that it can become a health hazard. In this article, we will help you to learn how to tell when your septic tank is leaking.  However, it is good to call professionals to correct any problems in the system.  Telling whether there is a leakage in your system is pretty simple but correcting it takes a lot of effort. You need the right skills and expertise to work on this kind of assignment.

The first indication is when your septic system gives off any foul odors. Even though this appears to be fairly obvious, there are times when human beings tend to ignore the most obvious clues. The odor may come from inside the house, from your wastewater fixtures, or out of the property close to the septic tank itself. These odors will tell you that there is a problem with your septic system and the tank could be leaking. A well-functioning septic tank will not emanate even a small form of smell.

The second sign of leakage in the tank is when the septic system makes some strong noises whenever you flush the toilet. The same noise may come out when you are running the bathtub water or sink, or when using your washing machine. The noise can either be gurgling, creaking or even burping. All these could be an indication of leakages in your system. Anything that shows you that there are some struggles to move waste products through the septic system may indicate leakage.

The last sign of leaking in the septic tank is when you notice spots along with your property or lawn close to the septic tank. It is a clear sign that there is some form of leaking that comes from your septic tank. In fact, it can kill any grass that is close to that region or leave a wet spot close to the area of the leakage.  When you spot this mess, just know that there could be a mess in your septic tank that calls for your immediate attention.

If what you are experiencing is different, it does not imply that you don’t have a leakage in your septic system. These are just some of the most obvious signs and they will tell you that you have a leakage in your septic tank. When you come across any suspicions, look for the possible solutions by researching online. However, the best way forward is to call professionals to inspect your system and correct the problem before it gets out of hand.